The Rugged Story

RuffleButts for boys?!? This is crazy... right?Amber and Jonas

When I started RuffleButts back in 2007, it was a light-bulb moment for me. I knew exactly what I was supposed to do and what I was supposed to create. I had grown up in these little ruffled creations and thought everyone called them "rufflebutts". To my surprise, the name was unique, but the reaction was just makes you smile! It was not long into this RuffleButt adventure that our mom-of-boy customers were suggesting a more masculine spin-off. I must give them credit, I heard names from Rumble-Butts to Ruff-His-Butt. Yes, creative, I know! The idea was fabulous, but as an entrepreneur I am committed to doing things right. At the time, I wanted to ensure that I was focusing on RuffleButts and putting in every last drop of energy that it deserved. As time went on, the requests grew more frequent (I think I may have even received a few bribes!). It was finally during the summer of 2010 when I knew it was time, and RuggedButts was officially born.

Here's the funny side of the story - In August of 2010, Mark and I learned that we would be adding to our family. I believe it was sometime in November when we were told we would be having a sister for our little Aubrey. Of course, as a mom, I just wanted happy and healthy, but it was fun to know I would be able to enjoy our RuffleButts products for another few years! I continued to work away at our new boys clothing collection, researching and designing, and then finally putting them into production. Then, the crazy a follow-up ultrasound, they said the words "um.... we were wrong." We were having a boy!! So both of my 'boys' were born at about the same time, Jonas in April and our first shipment of RuggedButts samples arrived just a month later. Maybe it was just meant to be after all!

It is with great excitement, anticipation, passion, and appreciation that I present to you RuggedButts, a fresh new collection for the little men in your life...

This business is my dream come-to-life. We are blessed, beyond my imagination, with the most incredibly supportive customers and if a boys collection is what they want, a boys collection is what they get!